Should I Outsource My Therapy Billing to a Billing Service Provider?

The Automated Medical Assistant is an online therapy billing software product that makes in-house billing more productive, profitable and efficient. But did you know that we offer therapy billing services as well? You’ll be pleased to know that our secret billing weapon is the very same online software tool that we sell here for an incredibly low monthly cost.

The therapy billing service from Advanced Billing Solutions, Inc. handles much of the difficult work associated with the billing process. We follow up on rejected claims, pursue and collect on unpaid accounts, and even send invoices directly to patients. The convenience of handing these headaches over to a resource who can give them their full attention is the main reason that providers choose to outsource.

We charge just 5-8% of what is actually collected, depending on the particulars of your practice. And because all the work is done with the Automated Medical Assistant, you have 24/7 access to your data, reports, graphs, and all the features of AMA. You can use this service for as long as you want, or cancel when you are ready to take over. All your data will be in the system so you can seamlessly pick up where we left off.

Besides costs, there are other factors where a provider should consider outsourcing their billing.

  • Inefficient billing process – Outsourcing to a third-party billing service will decrease the number of rejected claims and improve the time it takes to receive payments.
  • High staff turnover – High turnover in a provider’s billing department is damaging and leads to a slowdown or even stoppage in the processing of claims. With an outsourced option, claims processing moves forward like clockwork.
  • New providers – Outsourcing your billing from the start can give you relief from the day-to-day challenges of launching a new therapy practice, without the additional burden of hiring, training and managing employees (typically one of your biggest start-up costs).
  • Different priorities – Many therapists are not strong on the business side of running a practice, and their motivation lies in helping patients rather than pushing paperwork.

In sum, our therapy billing service takes the stress out of having to deal with the constant changes and complexity of insurance regulations.  By allowing us to take over your billing, you eliminate the need to deal with difficult insurance carriers, and the many administrative headaches in managing the billing and collections process. We can increase your collections, decrease your costs, and improve your bottom line, while you focus on doing what you were trained to do: help patients get well.

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